YTP: The Makuta Trilogy Collection

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Blast from the past, it's this old series, my very first when starting out in YouTube Poop!

0:00 Intro

0:12 001- Ash and Co. Defeat Makuta
5:45 002- Makuta's Unholy Revenge
11:58 003- Makuta Trilogy Part III: The Search for the Great Disks
19:58 004- Henry Lives: Makuta Trilogy Part IV
24:51 016- Makuta Trilogy Part V: Much Dirt Was Consumed
31:27 019- Makuta Trilogy Part VI: The Mask of Dinner
39:35 041- Makuta Trilogy I: Anniversary Edition
45:12 002- Makuta's Unholy Revenge (WMM Beta)

The sources used to make this video are not owned by me but by their respective copyright owners. This video is intended as a Fair Use remix.
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