WSB HIJACKED | UWMC Update | Biden Renewable Energy Plays | #UWMC #NEE #VST #stocks

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WSB has been hijacked by top mods who haven't been a part of the sub for years. Minor mods active on the sub are fighting back.

United Wholesale Mortgage Q4 Earnings Update

Renewable energy stock plays I'm getting into to ride Biden's energy stimulus.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Introduction
0:38 UWMC Q4 Earnings Update & Outlook
5:03 Wall Street Bets Subreddit Hijacked
8:10 Next Era Energy $NEE
15:54 Vistra Corp $VST

United Wholesale Mortgage Q4 Earnings: #:~:text=Business%20Wire-,UWM%20Holdings%20Corporation%20Announces%20UWM's%20Record%20Fourth%20Quarter%20and%20Full,Dividend%20of%20%!

WSB Hijacked:

r/investing Post on Next Era Energy:

Biden Energy Stimulus Bill Breakdown:

Vistra Corp Wall Street Bets Post:

Vistra Article on GWh Battery System:

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