[WOTV] F2P Unit Planning Guide January 2021 (GL) | War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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In this video, we kick of 2021 with all of the upcoming units and vision cards in War of the Visions, and considerations for pulling or avoiding for F2P and light spenders.

0:00 Intro
No more cast!

0:53 JP Updates
Level 120, EX Jobs, and 1-Year Anniversary, and Shards in Guild Barracks

2:20 Blossoms in the Dark
Consider if you have Skahal main, but otherwise, too much of a luxury for F2P
Mysidia Gaming "Should You Pull?":

3:16 Niv'Lu
Pull if you have strong missile attack espers and vision cards, or love live PvP. Otherwise, better units coming

4:19 Thancred
Can't justify the double cost for F2P. Would need a significant buff for Global to consider.

4:55 Leviathan VC/Esper
Only if you have strong water units like Glaciela, Ildyra, or Miranda. If you're planning on Tidus, grab the esper (vision card max optional)

6:01 Sakura
Pull if you have strong light units, or need an anchor mage unit. Great all-around for all accounts, plan for Bahamut VC step-up.

6:52 Helena, Black Rose VC
Consider pulling if you don't have FFT Scion of House Beoulve or MR Chocob vision cards. Otherwise, visiore cost is hard to justify for F2P and light spenders.

8:05 Lardeau
Only pull if you have strong mono-fire team or need a strong physical tank. Otherwise, too hard to play to strengths for free to play.

9:36 Typhon VC/Esper
Only if you have strong water units like Howlett, Halloween Leela, or Lu'Cia. Esper is much better than the VC.

10:28 Garble
Solid overall unit. Doesn't need a whole lot of help from gear, espers, or VCs to be useful. Versatility great for F2P.

11:25 Final Fantasy X Collaboration

14:18 Conclusion

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