Winchester Shirts (Contrast Collar) & How to Wear Them

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Everything you need to know about the Winchester shirt, its history, and how to make the most of it in your outfits:

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00:00 Winchester Shirts Introduction

Among men’s shirts, one of the most underrated yet stylish ones is the Winchester shirt. It is a great foundational piece for business casual looks, so we’ll take a look at its history and details and share some outfit ideas here to understand why it should belong to every man’s wardrobe.

00:30 What is a Winchester Shirt?
A dress shirt style that is colored, striped, checked, or otherwise patterned but has contrasting collar and cuffs. These are almost always white. You can sometimes find models that don’t have contrasting cuffs but rather that match the body of the shirt.

02:38 History of Winchester Shirts
Learn where the shirt and its name come from.

06:53 Features of a Winchester Shirt
Its contrasting collar, there are no set rules on what type of collar it must be. Therefore, the Winchester can come in pretty much any style of the collar.

** 07:29 Collar Styles - 1. Classic/Point Collar
** 07:40 2. Spear Collar
** 07:48 3. Tab Collar
** 08:02 4. Cutaway Collar
** 08:16 5. Button-Down Collar
** 08:36 6. Wing Collar

9:11 What are the most common colors & patterns for Winchester shirts?

13:09 Outfit Examples - # 1 Classic Navy Business Suit
14:49 Outfit # 2 Gray Herringbone Patterned Suit
15:19 Outfit # 3 Brown Patterned Suit

16:33 Where Can You Buy Winchester Shirts?
While perhaps not as common as they once were in decades past, Winchester shirts are still somewhat common, so you should be able to find them at your local department store or men’s clothing store.

We believe that the Winchester shirt may be the perfect shirt option for bringing a bit of color contrast and dynamism to your outfits while still maintaining a formal air with its white collar and cuffs. In this way, it makes for a subtly dynamic background for your other outfit accessories and, again, is something of an underrated shirt style, so we hope we’ve raised its profile today.
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