What Was SAURON Doing Between The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings? | Middle Earth Lore

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Today we look at everything we know about just what Sauron was doing after the events of The Hobbit up until the beginning of The Lord of the Rings!

We hope you enjoy!

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Thumbnail Art: "Sauron" - Jean Pascal Leclerc Kegle

Art in order of First Appearance:
One ring to rule them all (lotr) – AnatoFinnstark
Summer At Bag End - kelleybean86
Thorin Oakenshield and Company - Hyper-Connected
Bilbo Back - Kinko-White
The One Ring – mikenashillustration
Terra di Mezzo Mappa 3D - Middle Earth Map 3D
Dol Guldur – TitusLunter
Mordor – kvacm
Birthday of Bilbo Baggins - Ainaven
Frodo Baggins – HiroUsuda
Frodo and Sam – bakarov
The Great Eye - Art-Calavera
Sauron the Necromancer – Kiendriel
The White Council 2941 – XteveAbanto
The Nazgul - SpartanK42
The Nine – engelszorn
Sauron - SpartanK42
Barad dur – ChasingArtwork
Nazgul 2 (Lord of the Rings) – AnatoFinnstark
Corsairs of Umbar by GammaGrey
Thorongil Burns The Ships in Umbar - (Artist Unknown)
The King of the Oathbreakers - Ted Nasmith
Road to Mount Doom – DonatoArts
Faramir - Anke Eißmann
Sauron The Lord of the Rings - William Faucher
Saruman with the Palantir – kuliszu
Saruman the White – DanielGovar
Sauron – Grimhel
Denethor - Daniel-Di
Denethor's palantír – danku
Gollum – Maremorn
Gollum – ThornSpine
Sauron - Jerry Vanderstelt
Ruined Osgiliath – darekzabrocki
Thranduil – Candra
Nazgul 3 (Lord of the Rings) – AnatoFinnstark
Dain Ironfoot – Grzegoszwu
Sauron the Deceiver – toherrys
Battle of Dale - (Artist Unknown)
King Brand and King Dain Ironfoot – steamey
The One Ring - LOTR - Jimmy-Appelt
Dark Lord - Helm1892
Sauron – JohnnySlowhand
Sauron - AnotherStranger-Me
Easterling Hassassin - Taurus-ChaosLord
Haradrim King – Geistig
Orc Warrior - (Artist Unknown)
Cave Troll - Benjamin Shukralla
Mumakil - Gellihana-art
Sauron - Jean Pascal Leclerc Kegle


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