What is... Kaiserreich? (Mod & Universe Documentary) - Part One: Mod founding, HOI2 & Darkest Hour

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What if Germany had won WW1? Kaiserreich is an alt-history mod for a grand strategy wargame called Hearts Of Iron. The project, founded in 2004, has a long and rich history spanning across games and generations. In this documentary series, former Kaiserreich developer Vincent De Nil explores the unique universe of Kaiserreich and the people and events that shaped the mod.


Part one: Origins of the mod and universe - HOI2 & Darkest Hour Revival (2004-2011)
Part Two: interview with the setting creator, Sarmatia (2021)
Part three: Rising Eagle - The Hearts Of Iron 4 breakthrough (2011-2021)
Part Four: Beyond the Mod - The Kaiserreich Youtube channel, Kaiser Cat Cinema (2017-2021)


Research & Writing: Yuriswe, Comrade Zim, Zankoas, Vincent, Strategia, Mw, Kornilov, Nijato, Sarmatia - With assistance from the Hearts Of Iron and DH Kaiserreich Teams.
Editing: Vincent De Nil
Sound Design: Marcus Jorgensen
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