Virtual Reality Madness! Feisty Films Ep. 103

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Maybe your life is just a virtual reality simulation (within another simulation, within yet another simulation…)!
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First, Sir Growls-a-Lot (bear) runs a virtual reality simulation on Grandmaster Funk (monkey) who is actually running a higher level simulation, but his dog (Sammy Suckerpunch) is running a master simulation on both of them! Next, Karl the Snarl (polar bear) and Grandmaster Funk (monkey) cheer on the elk in a “Feisty Nature” episode, Glenda Glitterpoop (unicorn) wonders why turtles care about hair products, and Henry Whodunnit (snowy owl) hangs with his peeps. Then, a pig (Suzie Swearjar) goes wee-wee all the way home, Buford Buttsniffer (basset hound) complains to his friend Penny Piddlepants (poodle) about playing fetch with his owner, and Mary Monstertruck (calico cat) needs something to hock into. Finally, Marky Mischief (lion) and Grandmaster Funk (monkey) go deer hunting. Feisty Fan Films by @ricky_raccoon, @feistygirl2020, @livingthefeistylife, @beeniebooboo2 and @feistypets.

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Written and directed by Mark Forti and Alexis Kunzelman with Erin Dodds and Nathan Forti. Feisty Pets invented by Mark Forti and made by the William Mark Corporation.

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Welcome to the official Feisty Films YouTube channel! Feisty Pets have stuffed attitude! On this channel you’ll find over 20 different animals who change expression from cute to feisty, some growl, some grin, some stick out their tongues. Watch the adventures of the Feisty Pets on this Feisty Films channel. We post new episodes every Saturday, so make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications!
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