Versing THE CREATOR of SALTY'S SUNDAY NIGHT?! (Roblox Funky Friday)

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Today we'll be 1v1ing and interviewing the creator of Salty's Sunday Night! Roblox Funky Friday's newest update has the salty mod and we'll be interviewing @Tsuraran in order to gather their thoughts on what the development process was like for such a big conversion project, and also their reactions to Salty's Sunday Night being added into Funky Friday!

0:00 Intro
0:36 Versing THE CREATOR of FNF SSN?!
1:00 Your Funky Friday Reaction?
1:17 What Inspired You To Create SSN?
1:37 What Inspired The Background Story?
2:09 Why Did You Name The BF Salty?
2:17 What Inspired The High Tech Goggles?
2:52 How Did Salty & Istumi Meet?
3:05 Where Does Opheebop Come From?
3:23 What Inspired Opheebop's Name?
3:39 How Did The Manager Obtain His Powers?
4:08 Manager's Silly Straw? What Is That?
4:45 What Inspired The Character Glitch?
5:08 Sega Genesis Sound Chip For Glitch?
5:38 Favorite Song From FNF SSN?
5:48 What Was Development Like?
6:20 Why Did You Work By Yourself?
6:28 How Did You Meet Maqua? (Composer)
6:35 Development Hardships? Hardest Part?
6:45 How Long Did Development Take?
7:12 Salty's Sunday Night Beta Animations & Songs!
7:28 How Long Did The Songs Take?
7:50 More Songs Being Added To FNF SSN?
7:58 Future Plans? Current Projects?
8:15 Social Plugs & Outro!

Interview Transcript:

Salty's Sunday Night Mod:
Tsuraran's Twitter:
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