User Review: nextzett 96110615 Klima-Cleaner Air Conditioner Cleaner, 10 fl. oz, 12 Pack

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- nextzett 96110615 Klima-Cleaner Air Conditioner Cleaner, 10 fl. oz, 12 Pack

nextzett 96110615 Klima-Cleaner Air Conditioner Cleaner, 10 fl. oz, 12 Pack

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This works well but for me with a Lexus sc300 which has a common problem of smell coming from the evaporator core from mold, the instructions on the bottle of either applying it through the air vents or through the evaporator drain hose wont work on this car.
I tried all types of cleaners and methods, but if you happen to own a Lexus sc300 sc400, the way to clear the smell with this excellent product is the On the passenger foot well, remove the bottom panel under the glove box (near your feet) by removing two pressure tabs.
Then pull panel off. Now remove two wing nuts that are clearly visible that were under the panel. These hold the cabin air filters (assuming you installed one as Lexus did not supply cabin air filters in models).
Once you remove the wing nuts and the little door the wing nuts were holding, then there is access to the heater core.
Just stick the tube that this bottle comes from in there and spray product pushing tube in and out and side to side as much as possible to spread product all over.
The heater core is on the left side of the hole, and the blower fan on the right (assuming you are facing towards the front of the car).
Make sure you place a towel underneath where you are spraying as some product will come back out and you dont want that getting on the cars computer as it is literally underneath the passenger floor mat where you will be working.
Once bottle is empty, let product sit as instructed on bottle and follow the rest of directions regarding time to let product work.
Lastly, once you have let the car sit for a while and let product ventilate from cabin, run the heat on full blast (make sure you open the windows and not face the vents towards your face.
There will be quite a bit of what looks like dark spongy material coming out. That is the mold that has broken loose and was stuck in your system.
Run it for at least 15-20 min heat full blast and then I recommend you vacuum your car and get all that nasty stuff out of your car. That is truly the only solution after many years of fighting the smell in this particular car.
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