Toram Online: 2h Solo Arachnidemon [Ultimate]

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Arachnidemon [Ultimate] - 01:53 minutes

“Friendly Reminder”
I’m a 2h Semi tank DPS, beating boss as a hobby/for fun are my main purposes. Much appreciated if you enjoy my playstyles and the way i play and express myself as much as I enjoy myself while doing it.
*Please don’t expect fancy show that would satisfy everyone, if you are looking for other sort of players, which isn’t tanking hits, timing skill and counter hits as mine. I would like to kindly ask you to walk out from this channel and find something from other players that would satisfy your needs.


*Do not ask for build, i do not share/answer any information that is related to builds including gears/xtal/statfill/status distribution.*

However, i do provide support materials for creating builds from scratch for new players who dont know where to start from.


*Any user who does not respect the condition mentioned above would be warned at their first act. However, if after warning it still leads to further conflict or negative attitude the comment and the user would be removed from the channel.*

The objective of this channel is to gather people who enjoy
-being creative
-spectating solo bosses
-solo bosses themselves
-observing/learning boss patterns

*and not raising funds for the channel owner.*

thank you for your understanding
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