Top 10 Scary Videos that’ll Give you an Uneasy Feeling

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Picture this, a few scary videos where someone is in a dimly lit place, or maybe a dark, empty house, with the unsettling paranormal incident captured on camera. Videos like these catch everyone's eye, right? Why, though? Because deep down, we all love to experience the rollercoaster of emotions — fear, chills, thrills, and dread within the confines of a safe environment. In fact, this is a list of the top 10 scary videos that'll give you an uneasy feeling! The entries in this list deal with recordings that are more than your average creepy videos; they go way past the typical jumpscares that only have a surprise element to offer.

In a world that's increasingly defined by surreal horrors from an intangible threat, I've picked the best of the best of clips that outline true chills — and analyze them for you to revel in! The collection of scary videos you're about to watch just hits different — you'll know what I'm talking about as you go through these bone-chilling entries.

Granted that the internet’s endless database of mysterious and creepy videos is always good to provide for every type of paranormal rabbit hole to go down, but this collection of scary videos can be counted on to scare you out of your wits the worst. This is the type of footage that will get your pulse pounding and send creepy chills right down your spine.

And, although each entry in this countdown of top 10 scary videos is only about a few minutes; they're freaky and unnerving enough to stay with you long after you watch them. The reason these creepy videos will give you the chills is that all of these are events that someone experienced personally, in real life.

I like things that are off kilter, weird, and oftentimes challenging. I enjoy confronting the darker, harder to explain aspects of life and humanity that have a subtly mysterious and unexplained angle, which makes them truly petrifying.

As these clips include everything from unexplained mysterious and spectral encounters to cryptic other-worldly creepy incidents, you'll probably want to double check all the doors and windows in your home before you start watching this list of creepy videos. Consider yourself a truly courageous person if you go through all the entries in the countdown alone, without having to pause to give your racing heart and lungful gaspings a break.

If you're someone who's easily scared, I recommend that you watch this collection of scary videos with your friends to let your mind have the illusion of safety.

Did you make it to the end without pausing the video even once? If yes, let me know right below in the comments section! Also, feel free to share which of these scary videos left you shaking in your shoes the most?!











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