Titan Quest _ Tenacious Killer _ Spear Brigand Build

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Style: Tenacious Killer - Spear Brigand Build
Class: Brigand (Rogue + Hunting)
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition include Ragnarok & Atlantis.
Game version:
Game speed: Very Fast
Difficulty Mode: Legendary
Custom Map: x-max-atlantis-x10 by garus
Group potions by TQVault.

* Gears added 2 relics/charms using in video are gears with "of the tinkerer" suffix that only drop/sell in Atlantis DLC's map. "of the tinkerer" suffix allowed added 2 different relics/charms into item.

* Because Briand already has big potential on dealing dmg to (single) enemies already, but lacks of stable survival ability, so you it require good control ability and good strategy to character can be survivals stable in xmax, so i optimized the gears build for spear Brigand build purpose. With this gears build, character still able to killing almost bosses just by single combo Study Preys + Lethal Strike skills and 100% if combine it with WInds of Asphodel's RR debuff (i choosing it because it can using with Blade Honing and reduced enemies dmg, which good, using Goldenfang Spear with tinkerer suffix that added Legend + Epic Shennong's Dark Medicine is good similar about RR effect) if it hits accurate (because it can be miss by enemies Dodge which doesn't affected by OA/DA mechanic), Calculated Strike Discharge hit maybe not as strong as Lethal Strike, but it fast to hits, as you can see that you can do 2 CS's discharge hits if Volley procs beween 2 Lethal Strike use.
- I focus on showing Spear using in this video showcase, so if you using throwing weapon or bow to clear annying enemies hordes like the Skeletons mobs on Lower Olypus or Machae in Hades Palace will improve killing speed quite alot. And ofcourse, killing almost enemies in Secret Passage by Lethal Strike is taken longer to wait skill cooldown too :))
- With this gears build, facing Dactyl is still need to avoid his Distortion Wave or Distort Reality cast before you reach him in melee, because he will likely to using those 2 skills at range, and cast its like no cooldown which crazy dangerous even for this gears build setup (those skills dealing mainly physical and Electrical Burn Dmg, some Vitality dmg). If you can approach him without taken too much dmg, you can deal with him easier. But for good strategy to deal with Dactyl by Brigand character is using Ensnare to lock him down from afar, then attack him by bow at longest range possible, so even his DW attack can reach you, and using Ensnare common before it run out of effect duration. In case Dactyl equip shield that give max cap Reduced Entrapment Duration, you will take more effort to kill him safe :))
+ Actually you can using Monster Lure to provoke him so when he is attacking ML's dummies, you can melee and kill him, but it only works if you don't deal any dmg to him, if not he will chasing you and ignored ML's dummies.
- Using Traps to killing Surtrs quickly is the best way to deal with him in Xmax. In single game no mod, Surtr can be a joke somehow in many scene, but in xmax, if you melee him without good defense and don't kill him quickly, you will pay , just discored it yourself :D
- I was forgot to show gears swap for Toxeus fight, but it already show on screen at 15:54. The key to kill him without worry to killing yourself by reflected dmg is equip those "Less dmg from Undead" by both % and flat gears, and disable Art of the Hunt, Blade Honing to reduced spike dmg of CS's hit (or you can just don't using it :)) but it will take longer).

* My Titan Quest's Discord channel:
(If the invited link expired, just noticed me so i can update the new one, thank!)

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0:00 Start
0:18 Eldr Fields
0:58 Surtrs
1:50 Lower Olympus
3:46 Typhons
4:13 Palace of Hades
5:55 Dactyl
8:09 Dactyl
9:05 Disnomyon - Machae High Generals
12:19 Warden of Soul
12:33 The Night Mistress - Empusa Heroes
13:22 Hades
14:25 City of Rhodes
14:58 Secret Passage
15:54 Toxeus
17:13 Character stats, gears, skills.
Gears 5
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