Titan Quest _ Temporal Launcher.V2 _ Physical Ternion Spellbreaker Build

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Style: Temporal - Physical Ternion Staff Wielding
Class: Spellbreaker (Spirit + Warfare)
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition include Ragnarok & Atlantis.
Game version:
Game speed: Very Fast
Difficulty Mode: Legendary
Custom Map: x-max-atlantis-x10 by garus
Group potions by TQVault.
Character Add-on MOD: Fallen Gods (Inari) - nargil66 -

* It seems i can't make this build better than the one who using Carnyx staff instead (same classes, same playstyle). Still, it's better than 1st version, almost by using 2 "Hale: ring "of the tinkerer" with more relics/charms added into it. This upgrade one is just tweak in skill and 2 rings.

* You can check version 1 of this build:

* I using TQ Defiler to clone character from a character that i finished almost quests from act1 to act5, Atlantis untouched. Gears build using gears with what i have from farming, edited by Hex Editor tool, buy from shop (some crazy gears can be from Shop custom map, but i don't remember correct which one, i play TQ quite along time since 2009).
Gears added 2 relics/charms using in video are gears with "of the tinkerer" suffix that only drop/sell in Atlantis DLC's map. "of the tinkerer" suffix allowed added 2 different relics/charms into item.

* My Titan Quest's Discord channel:
(If the invited link expired, just noticed me so i can update the new one, thank!)

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0:00 Start
0:18 Eldr Fields
0:55 Surtrs
1:46 Lower Olympus
3:23 Typhons
3:51 Palace of Hades
5:50 Dactyl
8:56 Disnomyon - Machae High Generals
12:05 Warden of Soul
12:28 The Night Mistress - Empusa Heroes
12:54 2xDactyl
13:13 Hades
14:01 City of Rhodes
14:41 Secret Passage
16:01 Toxeus
16:43 Character stats, gears, skills.
Gears 5
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