TINKERS CONSTRUCT 1.16.5 !!! (Custom Tools and Weapons) | Minecraft Mod Showcase

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In today's minecraft mod showcase we review Tinkers Construct mod for and it's a mod that allows you to forge your own custom tools and weapons and even add awesome abilities to them. Some of the tools and weapons include broad swords, broad axes, hammers, excavators, vein hammers, scythes, and will eventually have more in these newer versions.

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0:00 Intro
0:39 Tinkers Basics
11:10 New Ores
11:40 Smelting Basics
20:17 Advanced Smelting
37:33 Making Alloys
49:06 Tinkers Anvil/Advanced Weapons
1:01:45 Few Favorite Items
1:02:39 Sky Islands
1:07:13 Slime Items and Misc Items
1:19:52 Slime Tree Wood Blocks
1:21:28 Horsican's Blood Smelter
1:22:26 Outro
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