Tiered Racing & One-Make - Open Friends Session

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Staggered Starts - When you can choose from any car in your garage and theoretically have the same chance of winning as anyone else thanks to Broughy's testing and Pardonias' calculator:

One-Make Racing - When everyone's in the same car to provide a level playing field.

As this channel is mostly used to stream GTA V Racing playlists, I'll leave a set of rules here which may result in a week-long PL ban if broken:

Ramming and nudging on the grid.
Talking over staggered times.
Killing or using any weapon.
Stealing someone's car on the grid.
Rejoining the track obliviously.
Rage quitting resulting in disturbing someone's race.
Calling someone out; ask politely with a reason.
Complaining after a refusal to wait. Perhaps you're in the wrong.
Refusing to provide evidence of why you continued after an incident you didn't think was your fault.
Refusing to accept a PL ban.
Inviting a banned member.
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