The Yeet Blast Tech

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In this guide I wanted to show a cute little trick I discovered that lets you deal double damage with the heat blast mod of the plasma rifle; a super cool mod which doesn't actually perform all that well in the late game due to its slow and tedious charging system and its relatively low damage. With this tech we can at least fix the second of these issues, pretty much by gaining a secondary close range destroyer blade with good AOE and an hard falter.
As I explain in the guide, the inputs required by this tecnique are:
shoot at least 8 plasma rifle shots - swap weapon (no matter which) and immediately press alt fire, all of this while still holding primary fire for a brief additional period (or as long as you want I guess, but if you want to shoot a sticky ). Remember: if you don't hold primary fire you'll still see the correct animation but you'll only get 1 effective heat blast instead of 2 (up to 4 in early game without hot swapper).
I recommend checking out bowsr video about it, in the first comment he explains brilliantly why exactly does this work:
A final note: in most of the clips I'm intentionally aiming the plasma rifle off target to keep the testing as clean as possible, since a lot of the combos I performed were "mathematically" precise (and I needed to double check if the yeet blast was actually going off).
Music is from Doom Eternal's soundtrack: Nekravol
Also: I'll be showing clearly how to perform a yeet blast together with other techs in a soon to come video with keyboard+mouse inputs
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