The Ultimate Oval-Racing Machines - CART Indycar VRC 1999 - Assetto Corsa

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Who knew that Assetto Corsa could pull off Ovals? The ultimate risk taking in racing. For those of us who were around at the time to see Montoya, Greg Moore, Dario Franchitti, Michael Andretti and all the best duke it out at 250 mph on a high speed oval, it was truly something special. After my look at CART Precision Racing I instantly wanted to race something that did more justice to late 90s CART. I have seen quite a few reviews of this car out there but not too many about it on an oval. I can see many happy hours of fast slipstreaming ahead of me!

Track: "aa_michigan"
My AI:

Recommended to use the oval setup supplied with the VRC mod as well as rename it as 'ai_default' and put it in the track folder for the AI to use. The AI in this video were all given individual ratings that spanned from 99% for the fastest cars and 88% for the slowest.

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Music - "2020" by Dyalla

0:00 Intro

0:33 Indycar Racing II
1:55 Car Overview
5:50 Race Stint 1
19:43 Race Stint 2
29:30 5-Lap Duel
33:01 Final Thoughts
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