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Well then - here we are, everyone. Caddicarus is FINALLY back in the first Caddicarus episode about Crash Bandicoot for 2021. The PC problems may be awful, but at least those PC issues can’t get in the way of Bandicoot Month! Today, as Caddicarus Crash Bandicoot review videos seem to go down okay (even though I don’t classify my stuff as reviews anymore) I figured it would be fun to carry on from my old Crash Bandicoot XS review or Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure review on the Gameboy Advance, and naturally take a shot at a Crash 2 N Tranced review on GBA. But hey, a Caddicarus Crash 2 N Tranced review on its own is no fun. And how about a Caddicarus Crash Purple review? Crash Fusion? I did do a video on Spyro Orange or Spyro Fusion on the GBA, so that makes sense to show off Crash Bandicoot Gameboy Advance gameplay on all fronts - including Crash Nitro Kart GBA. But then, we went down the rabbit hole. If I was already gonna cover all the Nintendo Gameboy games in 1 video, then why not look at the Nintendo DS Crash Bandicoot games? There’s Crash Boom Bang gameplay with a Crash Boom Bang review (again, not really a review, but I don’t know what else to call it for YouTube to recognise the stupid stuff I do), and even Crash of the Titans DS gameplay, Mind Over Mutant DS gameplay, and then OH MY, there’s also the Crash Bandicoot PSP games! Tag Team Racing PSP gameplay with a Tag Team Racing review, Mind Over Mutant PSP gameplay, Crash of the Titans PSP gameplay - and no, it doesn’t end there. Did you know that Tiger Electronics had a crash game? Yep, the Tiger LCD Games that the AVGN made infamous - they got their mitts on Cash Banooca. From Angry Video Game Nerd Tiger Electronics to Caddy - get ready to see Crash Bandicoot 99x, which was actually the first ever portable crash game. Tiger Electronics Crash Bandicoot. What. And that’s not all - how about the free McDonald’s Happy Meal games? Crash Bandicoot Happy Meal and Spyro Happy Meal games were a thing - CRASH BANDICOOT MCDONALDS GAMES ARE A THING, WHAT. Oh, and then there’s the Crash Bandicoot Java games like Mutant Island gameplay, Crash Bandicoot ExEn gameplay with an Infusio emulator - Java Mobile phone games had crash, with lots of Twinsanity Mobile versions, and then there’s Nitro Kart 3D iOS and Nitro Kart 2 iOS - and speaking of iPhone, we even round off with a Crash On the Run review with Crash on the Run gameplay for the iPhone, even though it’s also Android as well as iOS. I’m gonna sleep now, this was an effort to type.

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