the reality of starting a spiritual journey

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attempting to describe a spiritual journey and everything that comes with it

A few years ago, I started what is known as a spiritual journey, and my relationship with myself changed forever. I began seeing the world from a brand new light, and felt a connectedness to Source that I had never felt before. I wanted to share my experience and some things that I've learned along this spiritual awakening for those who feel lost on all things ~spiritual.~ From how to start, to spirituality vs religion, I discuss everything I wish someone would have told me before starting my spiritual journey. This video is pretty chatty, so feel free to skip through:

0:00-4:12 how I started my spiritual journey
4:12 you don't need any tools, practices, or anyone else to connect with Source
7:21 the religion vs spirituality debate
9:06 the key to a spiritual awakening - being present
12:07 feeling crazy / integrating with the 'real world'
13:49 you're not going to feel positive all the time

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