The most efficient Epic farm | Outriders **fast mod unlocks**

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The most efficient Epic farm | Outriders **fast mod unlocks**
Join me as I demonstrate a very efficient epic farm allowing you to fully unlock level 1 and level 2 mods completely on each of your characters, before having even finished the story mode and unlocking expeditions.

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⎆Camera(Logitech c922 webcam) -
⎆Microphone(Blue Yeti USB) -
⎆Microphone(Shure SM7B) -
⎆Microphone Stand(Røde PSA1) -
⎆Stream Deck(Corsair Elgato Stream Deck) -
⎆Acoustic Foam(Pro-coustix foam) -
⎆Iron Man Helmet -
⎆Thor Hammer -
⎆Thanos Gauntlet -
⎆Monitor Stand #1 -
⎆Monitor Stand #2 -
⎆Studio Lighting #1 -
⎆Studio Lighting #2 -
⎆Headset Stand -
⎆Monitor(ASUS ROG Swift PG278QE) -
⎆Keyboard(Roccat Vulcan) -
⎆Mouse(Logitech G502 HERO) -
⎆Headset(SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless) -
⎆Headset(Logitech G PRO X) -
⎆Graphics Processing Unit(MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti) -
⎆Mixer(GoXLR Regular) -


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