The Awesome 4.27/UE5 Update Nobody Is Talking About

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Raytraced Translucency just got a ninja update in the preview build of Unreal Engine , and Unreal Enging 5. Previously, in , raytraced translucency/glass didn't cast any shadows. At all. Now, it does!
I thought Raytraced Translucency was broken in the preview update, but after talking to the devs at Epic Games, I found out that they revamped the way that Raytraced Glass Materials are configured. Now we actually control refraction with the refraction pin, as opposed to with the specular pin.
Thanks, Devs!

How to enable raytracing:

Link to previous Raytraced Glass video:

What is the IOR of a material?

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Comparison
01:21 - Setup
06:33 - Situational Examples

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