The Ascent Gameplay Preview Impressions: Everything We Know So Far (Shooter, Looter, RPG)

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The Ascent Gameplay Preview Impressions: Everything We Know So Far (Shooter, Looter, RPG)! In this Ascent Preview and Gameplay Impressions, we’re going to tell you everything we know so far in terms of the story, combat, character progression, and more! The Ascent is Neon Giant’s first title and it has been in development for 3 years.

When The Ascent was first revealed in the middle of last year alongside several Cyberpunk titles, I was a bit skeptical as to what this game would deliver. I’d often ask myself, “How much of a Cyberpunk-themed game is The Ascent? What makes it rise above the rest of the Action RPGs we’ve played and enjoyed so far, and what sets it apart?”.

0:00 - Black Desert Console Overview
0:28 - The Ascent Story And Missions
1:45 - The Ascent Combat And Gameplay
5:36 - The Ascent Final Thoughts

Genre: Action-Shooter RPG
Developed by: Neon Giant
Published by: Curve Digital
Release date: July 29th 2021
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The Ascent should look very familiar and welcoming to fans of twin-stick shooters like Helldivers. The game’s top-down perspective as well as the movement and aiming aspects should instantly be recognizable. What Neon Giant is aiming for is enhanced RPG elements from collecting Weapons, Armor and Augmentations to customizing characters to your heart’s delight. But the excitement doesn’t end there since you’ll have to blast your way into each level of the city’s tiers.

The Ascent is definitely one of the games I’ve been eager to play this year because of its visually delightful environments, high tempo gameplay, and intricate RPG systems. Developed by a company of only 12 people, it is already impressive what has been accomplished. What remains to be seen is if it will actually bring players a satisfying experience as they shoot their way into surviving tactical encounters, and with a series of disappointments in the RPG space recently, it’s easy to get over excited. We’ll be publishing a full review of the game soon, so stay tuned for that, but for now you can find The Ascent on Playstation, Xbox and PC via Steam!

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