TFTC: Installation Tutorial + Other Tips (Updated)

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***This is an updated version of our original Tutorial video to account for extra issues encountered***
This updated video is to help users install the TFTC mod and provide some other tips and tricks post-installation. If you need any further help or assistance, join us on our Discord server.


Additional music used from YouTubes free library:

Walk Through The Park - TrackTribe

0:00 - Basic install instructions
2:30 - Activating TFTC Classic or Reimagined
3:44 - Adding/Swapping Pilots
4:26 - Additional settings via Babu Frik Configurator
4:48 - Joystick & Controller settings
5:15 - Config File Tweaks
5:35 - Ingame Options & Settings
6:04 - Disabling the Cockpit
6:16 - Activating SLAM Engines on Missile Boat
6:26 - Landing Gear & S-Foil Shortcuts
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