Terraria - Metroid mod - All bosses No-hit

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Disclaimer: Golden Torizo isn't Idea why I out that but whatever, It is late game though and it was done early since it dies near instantly by then with no challenge.

Introducing The Metroid Mod for Terraria!
In this video you'll see no running away, No melting, No boss cheesing or abuse of mechanics or anything that'll grant an easy win, Also to keep this close to the actual Metroid games I've forbidden the use of wings or Vanilla Grappling hooks or mounts.

old same old:

No-hit - Simple enough, Can't get hit

On tier gear - Only gear pre-(Boss) is allowed.

No melting!............Do I need to explain ?

Bosses+minibosses - All bosses will be No-hit plus some Minibosses that deserve it.

00:00 - Video starts
00:07 - Torizo
02:40 - Serris
05:06 - Kraid
07:29 - Golden Torizo
09:47 - Phantoon
12:01 - Nightmare
14:23 - Omega Pirate

16:54 - End card (Discord)

My Discord server:

Torizo Tries: 1 (I didn't cho-zos)
Serris Tries: 32 (Everybody do the worm!.....)
Kraid Tries: 2 (I'm the strongest Dragon you've ever seen! I take up 5 screens)
Golden Torizo Tries: 18 (Prepare yourself Saiyan for the power of Golden Fri- I mean Torizo!)
Phantoon Tries: 47 (Eye saw you coming!)

Nightmare Tries: 12 (You don't know the Gravity of the )
Omega Pirate Tries: 2 (Yarr har fiddle dee dee, Being a pirate is alright to be)

Music: At the start of each boss
Gears 5
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