Terraria - Fargos Eternity mode - Lunatic Cultist No-hit #16 (Cruel Eternity god rules)

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Moon Lord might take awhile, I've now got 4 days of 9 hour shifts at work so the next video will likely be delayed, Sorry about that.

Time for the long awaited Fargos mod Eternity !
Todays boss to suffer with is Lunatic Cultist.
Now what is: Cruel Eternity? (Or Cruel Eternity god rules)
The rules:
0. I reserve the right to change no hit rules at any time whatsoever
1. Public version ok but most recent beta is PREFERRED
2. No star cannon or coin gun
3. Meteor is post-eow and boc, water bolt post-skeletron
4. No dodges, hallowed shield, iron ench parry, gutted heart creepers, etc shield of cthulhu bonk ok
5. Dont blatantly trivialize attacks, break the difficulty, or cheese. weaken your loadout if you kill too fast, don't stall p1 and then burst p2 to "stay above minimum kill time"
6. Frameskip must be ON
7. 1920x1080p res max (This is painful for )
8. All fights must be over 60 seconds. moon lord/eridanus must be over 120 seconds, abominationn must finish mega deathray run, mutant p2 must finish a full attack cycle
9. Golem - Betsy - Fishron - Cultist
10. I may or may not dq you for keeping the boss off-screen for 90% of the fight
11. Lose health to DOT debuffs/chaos state = dq
12. Max wof arena height 60 blocks, max golem arena dimensions 120x80
14. You CAN skip mutant phase 1 OVERRIDEN BY 16
15. Skip ceiling of moon lord, guntera, fishron EX, echdeath, etc.
16. All champions, both eow and boc
17. No rod of discord.
18. No using patreon items, betsy dash, or monk dash at all
19*. No post-mech gear for any mechs, no post-eow boc gear for boc-eow
No-hit old same old:

No-hit - Simple enough, Can't get hit

On tier gear - Only gear pre-(Boss) is allowed.

No melting!............Do I need to explain ?

Bosses+minibosses - All bosses will be No-hit plus some Minibosses that deserve it (Champions HAVE to be done)

My Discord server:

Fargos mod Discord:
Shadows of Abaddon Discord server:

Tries: 13 (.........How did we go from Duke Fishron to this? It was a nice rest at least)
Music: Galacta Knights Theme Kirbys Return to Dream Land Music
Music Suggester: Me

Thanking ya zone:
Yharex & Kawaggy for spriting and Coding the pet that will follow me for the rest of time, Thank you both so much for this.
Secondary thanks to Yharex for spriting the "Cruel Eternity" for me
NULL - For making the Protrait used during my dialogue.
NULLs pixiv link :
Everyone in my Discord server who suggested music and giving boss tips.
Everyone is Fargos server who has been giving helpful suggestions with bosses while I sink into madness.
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