Terraria Calamity Bosses portrayed by Spongebob REMAKE

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if i had the animated versions of these sprites, this video would be 10000x better.
(if you don't get some of the jokes and references, a good read of the Calamity Mod Lore would help).

So apparently, 3 years ago to this very day I uploaded the original version of this, edited in Windowshare Filmora and all, just for fun.

Despite what the clickbait said, it wasn't a very good program.

Even though the video itself the lackluster editing, it also got more than 70k views, along with 1k likes and ~100 dislikes. That video, along with all of my cringeworthy original videos and a few other channels, are now long gone, forever lost in my other PC that broke down.

3 years later, after I became older and more responsible, I redeemed myself in the Calamity Mod community and started the boneworks of this somewhat intensive video. This may be my last video for a while, since I am burnt out on making videos anyway, and just want to play some classic video games such as Minecraft, Doom Eternal, Terraria: Calamity Mod, Hollow Knight (again), Doom 2016, Splatoon 2, Smash Ultimate, Celeste, Mega Man, Kid Icarus Uprising, Halo, etc.
I will also not be using my voice from now on, for reasons that are personal. So yeah, this isn't my normal account anymore.

Yes, Draedon is coming to Calamity Mod soon. Read all about it and more in the official document from the Calamity Devs below!
DOOM Eternal
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