Teddys 2 | TBC rogue shadow priest 2v2 arena ft. Evolve

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I started playing/streaming again after the Classic TBC announcement and decided to make a second movie. All the games are taken from my stream, so the quality is not excellent, but it's a huge improvement over the first movie that I made a couple of years ago.

The games are taken from 12 different sessions that were played over the course of about 1 month on We don't use any voice comms and we both haven't been actively playing for a while, so the gameplay is far from perfect. I moved to NA, so I'm playing with 160-180 ms which makes everything noticeably harder.

I could probably make like two whole movies playing only vs rogue druid and rogue priest, because those are the most interesting matchups to watch, but wanted to include some comp variety as well. Depending on when Classic TBC is going to release, there might or might not be another movie coming up.

- Worakls - Porto
- Celldweller - Tainted (remix by Paul Udarov)
- Linkin Park - Dedicated
- N'to - Pandore

I'm streaming quite frequently nowdays so be sure to check my twitch
Shadow Warrior 2
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