Taking the Ibishu wigeon through its paces on the new BeamNG Grid MAP version 2

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BeamNG have released a new GRID TEST MAP along with its update
The update brings new physically based rendering , Ibishu wigeon as well
The grid map version 2 contains several new test tracks and in this video we are going to take a ride in each one of those with the new Ibishu wigeon

About the game

BeamNG is a Realtime dynamic soft-body physics vehicle simulator

The BeamNG physics engine is at the core of the most detailed and authentic vehicle simulation you’ve ever seen in a game. Every component of a vehicle is simulated in real-time using nodes (mass points) and beams (springs). Crashes feel visceral, as the game uses an incredibly accurate damage model.

The game is available to purchase on steam

Official game site: ​​​​
Official mods repository:
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