Street Fighter V CE Sakura vs Juri PC Mod #3

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Sakura is in the Akira mod from Rival Schools series. This mod has been out since January but the modder has finally made it public. She takes on Juri who went out for a little swim but was interrupted by Sakura. Juri is in the Shower Time Brawler mod because why not? This is with glasses, muddy skin and slippers varaint. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. This fight was done on level 8 difficulty and I got the fight recorded on the first try. I was able to get both ladies to do their CA's, me doing the V-Shift a few times and Juri did a V-Reversal. I thought the action here was solid and there aren't any other compliants I have. This Sakura mod will be seen again in the future. Hope you guys enjoy the fight and have a great day!

Sakura as Akira Rival Schools:

Juri Shower Time Brawler:
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