Space Engineers | Extreme Survival | Season 2 | Ep 35 - The Drill Works?

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We may have survived the Ai invasion, but at what cost?!?

Lost in a new system, stranded on a new world, and looking for a way to survive, thankfully, we have a lot of things available to help us do just that, and maybe we can find allies along the way!

*World Changes for this episode*

New Mod(s):

→ Industrial Overhaul - :

Removed Mod(s):

→ []Lord Wiader's Tiered Systems - X - eXpanded eXploration (LWTS-X) - Open Alpha (unfinished, WIP)

→ [] Lord Wiader's Tiered Systems - LWTS (KptKosmit91's Tiered Systems/Tiered Everything)

*World Settings:*


*Active Mods so far:*

Perpetually Perturbed Pirates

Slope LCD Panels Mod Pack(DX11)

Sci-Fi LCD Panels Full

Low Power Pulse Laser 1000 m Range - Large AND Small Block Version

Dual Conveyor Port Cryo Chamber

Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors~(DX-11 Ready)

Airtight Force Field Hangar Doors

Advanced Systems: Scaffolding

Conveyor Air Vent - full sized block (and slope!)

Defense Shields - (3)

DNSK - Bio-Fuel Production & Power Generators

MA WeaponCore Weapons

Nanobot Build and Repair System

Cargo Container with Fill Level Bars

Advanced Welding - detaching and reattaching blocks!

Clear LCD

Clear Camera Screen

Jump Drive Critical Explosion

Tank Explosions

Critical Reactor Explosions

DNSK - Daily Needs Survival Kit - Survival Needs for Space

A Fresh New View Hud - Coloured -- Ready

Eyes Just Got Clear ( Drugs Are Bad Mkay Update)

SE MiniMap (RADAR)

HUD Compass

Assertive Cargo Ships Rival AI Test Build

More NPC Encounters V6 - Rival Ai (Now with NPCs for Water Mod)

Vanilla Planet Crashed Ground Encounters

Surface Occupation

Air Traffic

Vanilla Planet Ground Encounters

Modular Encounters Spawner

WeaponCore - (9)

Aerodynamic Physics (Deadly Reentry + Drag + Flight)



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Songs Used:

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All songs were created by TeknoAxe:
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Used under Creative Commons License
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