SOLVED: Ep.3 Tammy Goff Missing Person 3-Year-Old Cold Case

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Episode 3 (Day 3)... we continue our search for Tammy Goff who had been a Missing Person for almost 3-years after leaving early one morning with her best friend Sadie from the home she shared with her husband Bob of 42 years.

With an inflatable boat rigged with underwater sonar, AWP follows every cell phone ping and Sadie (Tammy's Dog) sighting in hopes of finding Tammy and her truck.

This series documents Adventures With Purpose's 4-day search alongside Tammy's husband, following the clues her dog Sadie left behind, leading to the discovery of where Tammy and her truck had gone missing in the river these past few years.

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Thank you to Bob for his willingness in sharing Tammy's story with the hope that his loss can open the door for others to speak openly about Mental Health Awareness and help save the life of another by sharing his family's struggle and the pain left behind.

Watch the BREAKING NEWS Livestream the evening we found Tammy


Goff was last seen leaving her home in the 2100 block of 7th Avenue in Great Falls, Montana on July 12, 2018. That morning her husband saw her loading their German Shepherd mix, Sadie, into her black four-door 2008 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck with the Montana license plate number 2-93204A and stickers in the back window and on the back bumper. A photo of the truck is posted with this case summary.

Goff drove south on Wilson Butte Road, and did not return to her residence. Her husband tried to call her an hour and a half after she left, and she didn't answer. They had inherited her husband's father's home and his three pets, and had rehomed his two dogs, but his elderly cat, Mouse, was still living at the residence. Goff's husband went to his late father's home to see if Goff was there. He found food and water in Mouse's dishes, but there was no sign of Goff or Mouse.

Mouse was never seen again and it's unclear what happened to the cat and whether its disappearance is related to Goff's disappearance, or even if Goff visited her late father-in-law's residence that day. About 32 hours after Goff left her home, Sadie was found on Hawk Drive about four miles south of Great Falls. Witnesses reported having seen the dog on both sides of the Missouri River that day. There was no sign of Goff.

Since Goff's disappearance, her truck has not been located. It's uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning and she was very close to her family, and authorities believe she may be in danger. Her case remains unsolved.

Bob and Tammy were high school sweethearts and Bob's love for Tammy never faded as you'll see in his kind words and desire for nothing more than to find Tammy.

Don't miss Day 4 when we locate and recovery Tammy and her truck from the Missouri River after returning to the banks of the Missouri where Sadie was spotted over the course of 2-day. Finding Tammy would never have been possible without the clues Sadie left behind.

Hug the ones you love and reach out to those in need.

We are humbled by the opportunity all of you have given us to help Bob and his family in the search for answers as to what happened to Tammy.

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