Skyrim Heavily Modded 2.0 (Mod spotlight: Three small Player Homes HD)

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Hut: this player home is just like it sounds it's a small hut home that's cozy for the Hunter/Woodsman type character.
Rating: 4**** out of 5 stars. The fishing net in the river and the fact that it looks like something you can build in game by hand gives it a nice realistic ambience about it!^^

's Rest - Clever Man's Abode - Nord Mage Player Home: The second small player home feature in this video. It looks larger on the outside than what it is on the inside. It's a Temple like home that is gear towards the Mage type characters. It a bit dark on the inside but has a warm cozy feel about. The floating rune rocks/magic tomes on the enchanter and small hidden stash places are nice features of this home.
out of 5 stars. The ancient/mysterious nature feel of this home adds to it's ambience!

Skyrim SE:

Lakeside Cabin: The location and the outside garden really makes this home have a beautiful nature feel to it! The home itself is a wonderful two room home built into a hillside not far from Riverwood and right on Lake Ilinalta.
Rating 5***** out of 5 stars. It beautiful but, simple yet has some nice details. But is cutter free and the location is just wonderful with a nice view!

Skyrim SE:
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