Silver Plays Minecraft Sonic Mod - SONIC IN MINECRAFT!

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Silver plays and explores the new Minecraft Sonic (Sonicraft) mod and all of the exciting features it has to show! There are many different biomes, mobs, items and gear all related to the popular Sonic games. Watch as Silver explores the world of Sonicraft and even meets up with Sonic and his friends!

????Minecraft Sonic (Sonicraft) Mod????

Sonicraft mod by @EnderPreston:
Sonicraft's official website:

????Channel Description????

Hey there my futuristic crew, Silver The Hedgehog here from the future welcoming you to my YouTube channel! This channel features a variety of gameplay, deviant art, song cover and reaction videos either by myself or with my friends. Movie Sonic also share this channel with me, so you can see many different videos provided by him as well. Subscribe to my channel to become part of the futuristic crew and for a bright future!

????Social Media????

Discord -
Twitter -
Twitch -

????Futuristic Friends????

-Sonic The Hedgehog:
-Amy Rose:
-Knuckles The Echidna:
-Sally Acorn:
-Scourge The Hedgehog:
-Fiona Fox:
-Boom Sonic:
-Multiverse Sonic:
-Lance The Jackal:

????Special Thanks????

GiGiCrazyDraws for intros, art assets and banner:
Scoutkin for art assets and banner:
Dakota Electro for thumbnail art:
Iguanagirl for art assets:

????Music Used????

Windmill Isle (Night) - Sonic Unleashed:
Gears 5
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