Shadowlands - Destruction Warlock | Full DPS Guide 9.0.5 [Basics PvE]

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This video is tailor made to new Warlocks who are picking up Destruction in and are looking for a helping hand to grasp Destruction, which although not being the most complex Warlock specialisation, will still be a stark change from most other specs in the game as it stands!

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0:00 - Intro
0:06 - Opening Statement
1:21 - SquadOV (sponsor)
2:22 - Basics of Destruction
3:31 - Talents
13:15 - Covenant Choice
14:53 - Soulbind Choice
18:57 - Single Target Rotation/Opener
21:00 - AoE Rotation/Opener
24:14 - Pets
26:22 - Legendary Choice
27:15 - Stat Priority
27:50 - Trinkets
29:39 - Closing Statement

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