Shadow Fight Arena - combo.exe | 3000 subs special

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thank you so much for ur support and love guys , we reached 3k subs this is just a coma we need more so here is the special video about shadow fight arena
i know im not the best shadow fight arena youtuber but i will learn and u guys didnt disappointed me love u all see you in next shadow fight arena

get clan name from this link :

get clan name :

????discord link:

????music in video:
raze 2game music

????watch my other shadow fight arena videos:
shadow arena new update details :

trick to kill beast :

ironclad comeback fights :

spamming queen kate gameplay :

shadow warrior vs zebra :

ironclad needs a nerf:

everyone takes yukka after watching this:

he said oops after killing my two characters :

reached 4000 arena points :
Shadow Warrior 2
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