[RTB:E28] Secrets To Grow Your Business To 8 Figures and How This Can Help Freelancers In 2021 ????

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Want to learn the secrets of growing a business to 8-figures, without relying on a face for the brand?

If you’re a freelancer, these same secrets can help you to find and form long term partnerships with clients that will catapult your career.

You’ll hear it all in episode 28 of The Road to a Billion with Stefan Georgi…

In this episode, Stefan and co-host Ed Reay are joined by AJ Roberts.

He is the Chief Revenue Officer of Genesis Digital (Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar), which is a company co-founded by Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern.

Under his guidance, he’s taken the company from $10MM to $30MM and hit the Inc5000 list in just two years.

Plus, he started a marketing agency that helped several of his clients, like Ryan Stewman, become millionaires.

But what’s more inspiring is that he started out as a professional powerlifter…

Who was struggling to make ends meet and had no knowledge of online/direct response marketing.

So he’s living proof that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the life-changing insights he shared based on his unique background:

- Powerlifting secrets that can be applied to business and help you to achieve personal records.
- The fatal mistakes many business owners make and the misconceptions they have that are preventing them from succeeding.
- Why the only one who is in the way of your success is you and how to build a strong personal foundation.

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Show notes

3:48 - How AJ went from being a record holder powerlifter to growing a software company that’s generated $30 million in sales.

8:11 - A surprising marketing lesson about men from the success of OnlyFans.

12:01 - How AJ generated income in the online and direct response marketing world, without knowing anything about it.

15:25 - Discover the two marketing gurus, who helped AJ fund his powerlifting career.

18:16 - The first breakthrough AJ achieved after a chanced encounter with a business owner at a mastermind. Plus, how another mastermind led him to hit a goldmine of sports businesses that needed help with marketing.

22:46 - The three biggest takeaways from AJ’s experience growing a software company, without relying on a face for the brand.

25:29 - Why AJ wasn’t happy even though he held a world record in powerlifting and how this affected his business. Plus, a common misconception about the pursuit of success.

29:57 - 2 key ingredients to address unresolved issues from the past to prevent sabotaging your future success.

32:28 - How to not get stuck in the “Kindergarten Phase” in business and the 5 fatal mistakes many business owners make that’s preventing them from succeeding.

44:04 - 6 powerful networking tips that have helped AJ leverage on the relationships he forged at masterminds.

49:06 - 3 lessons from powerlifting that can be applied to copywriting.

52:14 - The ONE thing that guarantees the success of a webinar or any marketing campaign for that matter.

57:18 - How to venture into new niches without starting from ground zero again.

1:06:28 - 2 simple questions to help you prioritize tasks and prevent analysis paralysis.

1:12:48 - Researching about the challenges entrepreneurs face? Here are the best places for research. Plus, a simple networking hack that helps you get exponential results with lesser effort.

1:18:31 - Develop mental toughness in business using these 4 fundamental methods daily.

1:21:11 - How to recognize the early warning signs in business and avoid costly mistakes.

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