RSI with Bollinger Bands – NSE50

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In this video Dinesh Kumar talks about the power strategy – RSI with Bollinger Bands. Watch the video till the end to understand:

1. Basics of Bollinger Band
2. Components of Bollinger Band
3. Upper and Lower Bands
4. Identifying the opportunities
5. Trend following methods

And many more


See how the Bollinger Band looks and how it is constructed. Understand trading with Daily, Hourly and 15 minutes’ time frame. Know how to read the chart, how the standard deviation is set with 20 moving average.

Dinesh Kumar also discusses about the strategies used in the Bollinger Band, how to use Volatility Band and RSI. How to identify the W patter and many more.

See how to trade using Bollinger Band using the #NIFTY50 scripts. Know the winning pattern and failing patterns.

You will also understand “What is walking the band?” and understand how you can make money understanding “Walking the Band.”

Did you know that trading is more of psychology? Dinesh Kumar will teach you how to think for yourself, how to know your risk tolerance, how to set clear goals and many more. You will have to follow clear path and be disciplined.

Knowledge is of no use if you do not implement it. See you can you achieve this! Learn from the mentor!

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