Reality TV bounty hunter's daughter calls Brian Laundrie hunt 'publicity stunt

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Reality TV bounty hunter's daughter calls Brian Laundrie hunt 'publicity stunt

One of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters has dismissed his high-profile pursuit of Brian Laundrie as a “publicity stunt.”

“He needs to back off and let the FBI handle it,” Cecily Chapman, 28, told The Sun of her estranged 68-year-old dad, Duane Chapman
It’s just a publicity stunt. That’s really what it is,” she said of Dog, who adopted her after marrying her mom, Beth, who died in 2019

She questioned how Dog was financing his hunt for Gabby Petito’s fugitive boyfriend — while noting that he has reportedly been shopping a potential new reality TV show

“A real network would be aware of the situation and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that this is a f—ing publicity stunt,” she insisted of the one-time reality star whose last planned show was scrapped
Cecily questioned how Chapman was funding his hunt, and also dismissed the chances of him finding the fugitive before law enforcement
To be completely honest with you, the FBI is never going to let Dog the Bounty Hunter catch Brian anyway — the FBI is way too prideful for that,” she insisted
“Due to all the media coverage, we have had to let things cool down and allow the REAL leads come back in. Tips are once again becoming more streamlined and verifiable,” she tweeted
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