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Castle of Illusion was a great game. Would Sega CS's follow up do it justice?

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Episode Notes:

1. Captured from the Mega SG.

2. There are 2 revisions of this game with radically different cart sizes. While both occupy just 4 megabits, Revision 1 is on a much larger cartridge.

3. I did enjoy a few tracks of the music, but overall just felt this was a weaker effort than Castle of Illusion.

4. This was also on the Sega Saturn bundled with Castle of Illusion. It was one of the Sega Ages releases only available in Japan.

5. I've always kinda wished Sega would remake this like they did Castle of Illusion. I mean the gameplay is better suited for a modern exploration game, even.

6. While Sega would publish a few more Genesis Disney titles after World of Illusion, none of them were done by Sega proper. They were contracts outside of Sega, or Sega purchased western developers.

7. The Game Gear and Master System saw their fair share of Disney titles. A number of them featured Donald Duck as well.
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