[Project Diablo 2] Combustion Sorc Full Guide - Fast & safe Mapper - High MF potential

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Breakpoints 3:49
Gear 5:18
Stats 13:29
Mapping 15:07

So combustion sorc turned out to be one of the fastest solo endgame clearing build I have seen so far and on top of it it's really fast.
If you wanna map with this build I would highly reccommend going the Max Block route. Anyways, like I promised here you find all the informations summed up:

Skill Points:

Basic Skill Points:
Max Combustion
Max Fire Ball
Max Fire Bolt
Max Fire Mastery

Option 1:
1 point in Shiver Armor
Rest into Warmth

Option 2:
1 point in Shiver Armor
Rest into Teleport

Option 3 (my favorite):
Rest into Hydra (secondary damage skill then)


Max Block variant:
Str for gear
Dex enough to reach 75% block
Rest into Vit

Full life variant:
Str for gear
Dex for gear
Rest into Vit


117 fcr
48 fbr
Capped resistance
As much + Fire Skillz as you can get

Weapon - Occy, Eschuta's, Hoto, Wizardspike
Helmet - Shako, Steelshade, Rare +2 Circlet
Armor - Vipermagi, Spirit Shroud, Atma's, Ormus
Shield - Gerke's, Stormshield, Lidless, Spirit
Boots - War Traveler's, Aldur's, Waterwalk, Sandstorm
Belt - Arach, crafted caster belt, String of Ears,
Gloves - Magefist, Chance Guards
Rings - Wisp, BK, SoJ, Nagel, Raven Frost, Rare fcr rings, Nature's peace
Amulet - Mara's, +3 Fire Amu, Rising Sun
Charms - Fire Skillers, Life+Res SC's, Torch, Anni


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Dream Away by Day 7:
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