PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0 - Land Of Despair [100% SECRETS]

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Project Brutality together with Land of Despair by NinjaTanek and Spaicrab on Man And A Half Difficulty level, Chaotic Random spawn preset, 100% Secrets achieved. Project Brutality is an upcoming version of one of the best available mods for the classic Doom - expect a lot of fun when playing it. Please note that the Project Brutality in its current state is still Work In Progress, so bugs are to be expected, together with crashes to desktop. Land of Despair is a very demanding WAD to play with Project Brutality , so switch from GZDoom to the newest version of LZDoom, it will improve your performance a lot by some miles. This is more a slaughterwad than a regular map, there are almost 800 monsters to fight with, over half of them is there to fight you at the final arena that can surely eat your CPU and GPU. Even the beginning might be quite difficult for player, remember that I play on Man & a Half difficulty level where enemies are more aggressive and dangerous, so think of Fast Monsters light. At the beginning of the level clear the courtyard from all monsters and go to find a really good secret - between two pillars there is a fake wall, once revealed you can get a Megaarmor quickly. It is really handy when you are going to explore a first really difficult area in this map, even though it's an open arena, there are some Revenants, Barons, Mancubi and Arachnotrons so be aware. With a lot of jumping and avoiding the missiles from Revenants, try to provoke as much infighting as possible, lots of weaker monsters such as Imps will simply be evaporated at the beginning of fight. A good flashlight addon is also extremely useful in this map, because some nasty corridors are really dark and there is nothing worse than suddenly fighting FOUR Archviles in total darkness in secret area. Once you reach a red teleporter this is where it gets really interesting - pick up the Invulnerability Sphere instantly and clear the room with whatever BFG and Rocket Launcher you have, to prepare for final fight. Next room can easily fry your game and even freeze it, to avoid massive performance drops look at the floor and hope you are alive, it's a known trick from GoldenEye 64 to get better performance.

Secret #1 - 00:35
Secret #2 - 07:00
Secret #3 - 10:10

Land Of Despair -
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