[POWER RANGERS] Every Extra Rangers/Ranger-like Allies Transformation & Finisher

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Extra Rangers are usually unclassified and not part of the core Rangers team nor as a sixth Ranger, but assist the Rangers at various points. Typically, they are neither part of the core team nor are considered Sixth Rangers, but they are always clearly defined as Rangers.

A Ranger-like Allies are an unofficial designation for characters that have allied themselves with the Power Rangers and have powers and/or strengths similar to that of a Ranger, but are not specifically determined as Rangers. These characters usually stay in the form that they would fight in, because it is how they are physiologically or otherwise noted. Characters such as Ninjor, the Blue Senturion and the first Magna Defender fall into this category. Ranger-like Allies often have Zords, or have the ability to transform into a larger Zord-like form.

All Extra Rangers & Ranger-like Allies from Power Rangers:

Mighty Morphin - Ninjor
Turbo - Blue Senturion
Turbo - Phantom Ranger
Lost Galaxy - Magna Defender
- Shadow Ranger
- Kat Ranger
- Nova Ranger
Mystic Force - White Mystic Ranger
Mystic Force - Wolf Warrior
Mystic Force - Shining Moon Warrior
Operation Overdrive - Sentinel Knight
Jungle Fury - Elephant Ranger
Jungle Fury - Bat Ranger
Jungle Fury - Shark Ranger
Jungle Fury - Black Lion Warrior
Jungle Fury - Green Chameleon Warrior
Samurai - Samurai Red Female Ranger
Dino Charge - Aqua Ranger
Dino Charge - Graphite Ranger
Dino Charge - Purple Ranger
Dino Charge - Silver Ranger
Ninja Steel - Ninja Steel Red (additional) #1
Ninja Steel - Ninja Steel Red (additional) #2
Ninja Steel - Sheriff Skyfire
Beast Morphers - Captain Chaku

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