Pokemon Masters EX - New Year's 2021 Season's Greeting Full Force Battle F2P Round 2 (Lillie Lance)

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Pokemon Masters - New Year Season's Greeting F2P Full Force Battle Round 2 New Year's 2021 Lillie Lance Event
Iris Haxorus Sync: 3/5 @ Lv. 120
Lucky Skill: Lessen Confusion 9
Misty Starmie Sync: 2/5 @ lv. 121
Luck Skill: Vigilance
Swanna Sync: 3/5 @ Lv. 123
Luck Skill: Vigilance

Time Stamp:
(00:00) Battle
(09:48) Team Sync Grid

Strategy: Aim on the left Venomoth to deny the opponent from setting up Critical Shield. Strategic moves to deny the opponent from attacking to get you victory! Note: Mightyena have toxic have Go viral 9, but not troublemaker 9, so +5 Evasion on Starmie will have an excellent chance of toxic missing. Of course, I wasn't too lucky for that to happen. But still, I managed to pull it off before all my Pokémon went down. All the best!

This is recorded on #Razer with 16:9 aspect ratio and play on a touchscreen monitor with Mouse as input. (I am using both touch and mouse in this battle).

For Videos on my hardware, check my intro video out:

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