PLAY Your GBA On The TV Using The Link Port! | GBA TV OUT Mod!

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GBA TV OUT Mod! | Play Your GBA On The TV Using The Link Port!

In today's episode of Retro Renew, I look at a brand new IPS kit that also allows you to connect your GBA to the TV through the link port! It’s absolutely amazing that no new port needs to be added to the console in order to achieve this. Video out is entirely through the link port! Not only is this a TV Out Mod, it’s also a fantastic IPS mod as well. This all-in-one kit is certainly a unique package! Let’s take a closer look shall we?

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So here's what you will find in this video:
► 0:00 Intro
► 1:00 Mod Overview
► 2:17 Parts Needed
► 3:42 Mod Tutorial
► 7:58 Features Overview
► 9:39 Pros and Cons
► 11:47 Conclusion

Items from Video:
Retro Game Repair Shop:


FunnyPlaying IPS Ready Shell:

FunnyPlaying GBA Buttons:

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Tools and other items I use for Modifications (links below are Affiliate):
-SRA Flux Pen:
-Hakko FR-301 Desolder Gun:
-Hakko FX-951 Solder Station:
-Goot PX-201 Solder Iron:
-iFixit Toolkit I use for all my projects: - Everything you need!
-Silicone Mat for soldering:
-Solder Sucker (Pump):
-EZ-Flash Omega - - Best flash cart for the GBA!
-Craft Knife/Chisel:
-Rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop Batteries:
-File set (These are Made In Japan!):
-Less Expensive File Set:
-XPOWER Electric Duster and Dryer -
-Circuit Board Holder - - This thing is Awesome and only $10!
-28 AWG gauge wire:
-Wire Stripper/Cutter:
-Flush Cutters:
-HAKKO Solder tip cleaner:
-Shrink Tubing -
-Kapton Tape -

My Video/Audio Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links):
-Sony A6500 Camera -
-My Absolute Favorite Lens -
-Zoom H4N Audio Recorder -
-Aston Origin Microphone -
-Atomos Ninja V External Recorder -

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Intro Music by Matthew McCheskey:

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