PIGGY BACK RIDES AND A BOUNTY ON CHRIS || Gmod: You Touched it Last (Gmod Zeta Eternal #1)

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Welcome to my Brand New Gmod series called Garry's Mod: Zeta Eternal!
I promise you all that this Gmod series will be much better and will later longer than the old Lightning Gmod series did!

We're starting off the First Episode by a game of You Touched it Last where everyone seems to go after Poor Little Chris while we eventually find out due to an installed addon, we can have a Piggy Back Ride with other people! xD

Friends in the video:
Chris (Funtime Plush Redbon 098):

Michael (Ghost Rider 079):

Tito (UltronSFM):

Chance (Burnoutking1000):

Logan (SAUVESTERbot 95):

Stampy DGFG:

Cesar ():

Special thanks to Dreadbear FinalCenturion for making the Gmod Series Logo for me!
Dreadbear's Channel:

Music used in the video:
Intro Music: Doom - Nobody Told Me About ID (Tower of Babel) remake by Andrew Hulshult

Outro Music: Stahl! & John Kenza - Red Clouds | Ninety9Lives Release

Background music by Kevin Macleod

The music and sound effects used in the video is not owned by me! Credit goes to respective owners! No copyright infringement intended here!

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DOOM Eternal
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