Outriders Pyromancer Fun Tempest Build - Mid Challenge Tier Ownage- Gear Mods, Class Points, Skills

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This is the most fun Pyromancer Build I have done so far. It works well up until challenge tier 12 for expeditions. Using Volcanic rounds or Double eruption just does not get old. I discuss my favorite gear mods I have been running, and my favorite type of weaponry. Unfortunately I made a MASSIVE technical recording mistake which is why I am not showing footage from higher challenge tier gameplay :/. If you have flown through challenge tier 15 please tell me what build you used as I am hanging out at 14 trying new builds to see how I can progress.
-II Made

1:00 - Tempest Class Points Allocation/ Skills Used Discussion
1:49 - Weaponry + Powerful Tier 2 & 3 Weapon Mods
3:08 - Armor + My Favorite Tier 2 Armor Mods
5:35 - My Favorite Tier 1 Armor Mods
6:12 - Armor Mods Collage, All of My Favorites so Far!
6:35 - Armor Attributes Discussion
7:20 - Weaponry Collage + Long/ Short Range Damage Buffs
7:43 - Tempest Class Points Screenshot High Fire/ Casting Damage
Gears 5
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