Outriders Pyromancer Build Guide – (Ash Breaker)

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Outriders Pyromancer Build Guide – (Ash Breaker)
In this Outriders Build Guide I’m going to be showing you my Ash Breaker Build, which is a Starter Pyromancer Build meant for mid-range combat. In this Guide I’ll be showing you what Skills to use, what Class Points to take, and what Weapons and Armor to look out for. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your Pyromancer, or if you just want some insight into how to play this Class, read on to find out.

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0:00 - Ash Breaker Build
0:16 - Beginner Pyromancer Build
1:22 - Ash Breaker Skills
3:02 - Ash Breaker Class Points
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5:20 - Ash Breaker Armor & Mods
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The Ash Breaker Build focuses on maintaining Volcanic Rounds in order to increase your overall damage, while also setting Burning on enemies, even if you miss them with your shots. Volcanic Rounds also pierce all Armor, as well as the target you are firing at, allowing you to wipe out large groups rather easily.

The key to this Build is maintaining Volcanic Rounds for the duration of each encounter and this is done firstly by using the Armor Mod: Extra Mag. This will help you get the most out of this Skill by allowing you a second Magazine worth of Volcanic Rounds should you screw up, but you will absolutely need Weapon Mod: Perpetuum Mobile, which refreshes your Magazine when you kill an enemy while under 35% Ammo.

Pyromancers deal increased damage to any enemy they hit with a Skill, and since Volcanic Rounds is classified as one, they will always deal increased damage to any target they fire at after the first round has landed or set them Burning. This benefit alone makes Pyromancers some of the highest DPS in the game if not the highest.

When you combine this with Ash Blast, enemies will be rooted in place, allowing you to burst them down quickly and safely. Additionally, once you’ve gained the Ashes to Ashes passive in your Class Tree, you will inflict Vulnerability on enemies who are effected by Ash. This further boosts your damage against enemies, resulting in kills very very quickly.

When fighting a Boss with many enemies around it, try to burst it down first, and then focus on the other enemies if you can. If you look like you’re going to run out of ammo before doing so, switch to an easy enemy to gain rounds back in your magazine as quickly as you can, and then finish off the Boss. This Build excels at killing Bosses so you should prioritize them first if you can and make your life that much easier.

Remember not to “Reload” with this Build since you will wipe out your Volcanic Rounds if you do, and stay away from Mods or Class nodes that reward Reloading as you will be trying to do this as little as possible with this Build. The idea is that you never have to Reload and therefor never lose your Volcanic Rounds buff. You will still have to Reload now and then, but you certainly don’t want to plan for it.

Don’t be afraid to use Ash Blast every single time it is off cooldown, even if you’re only facing one tough enemy like an Elite. It will CC an enemy for a couple seconds, allowing you to get easy headshots. Learn to use this often, as it makes all the difference in the world.

Lastly, make sure to keep using better and better Assault Rifles and Light Machineguns as you find them. You need to keep your damage high in order to play this Build, and its far easier to Mod a new Weapon with Perpetuum Mobile than it is to keep upgrading your current Weapons. So look out for new Assault Rifles and Light Machineguns that have high DMG, and not DPS, and equip and Mod them every chance you get. Oh and don’t forget to change their types to Tactical and Stabilizing too!

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