Outriders - Full Game Walkthrough Gameplay (Xbox Series X 60FPS)

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Outriders [Longplay] Full Game Walkthrough Gameplay (Xbox Series X 60FPS)

Outriders has released worldwide and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series Consoles, The game is also available on Xbox game pass.

This video is the full story/campaign of Outriders on Xbox Series X at 60 FPS, Enjoy.

All footage is captured by me on Xbox Series X.

Have you played Outriders? if so what do you think? Let me know in the comments down below.

Timestamps below are separated into mission areas.

00:00 Prologue
45:15 Rift Town
01:25:28 First City
02:02:33 Eagle Peaks
02:46:22 Trench Town/Dreadlock Pass
03:02:18 Wreckage Zone
03:17:32 Trench Town (Onslaught)
03:38:19 Quarry
03:59:43 Forest Enclave
04:19:27 The Stronghold
04:51:01 Ancient Ruins
05:09:57 The Gate
05:27:05 Dunes
05:37:54 Utargak
06:00:24 Desolate Fort
06:18:29 Canyon of the Grand Obelisk
06:34:25 Pax City
06:59:12 The Caravel
07:13:12 Final Boss Fight
07:18:01 Ending

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