OUTRIDERS ENDGAME : 6 Things PCF SHOULD Do To Improve The Endgame Content

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OUTRIDERS ENDGAME : 6 Things PCF SHOULD do to Improve the Endgame Content

Outriders has been out for 3 months now, and most of the die-hards have been in the Endgame content for about months. This video contains 6 Outriders Endgame Content Ideas, that would improve and extend the overall user experience and Endgame grind.

Here are the 6 Things:
1. More Modes - Horder/Zombies, Spec Ops Type
2. Tiagos Store Rotates - Fortnightly/Monthly
3. Reroll Stats on Gear
4. Edit Both Mods on Gear and Weapons
5. World Tier Content at CT Difficulty / New Game+
6. Level Higher Than Legendary

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