Obby Mauler | PKing Video #5 | Ket-omg

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Bored until DWH

Maxed obby mauler goes slaying sum nubs

Stats in this vid:
7 Attack
99 Strength
1 Defence
99 Hitpoints
43 Prayer

Join 'Obby Elite' clan chat in-game - we are the leading Obby Mauler community. You will fit right in! We will help you with your journey whether you're a newby to obbies, or a veteran ^_^

All visuals and graphics were recorded from , copyrighted and owned by JaGex. To play Runescape, Login, or Create an Account at

Music used for video:
1) METAL SONIC REMIX - Sonic CD/Mania (Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP)
2) Pokemon Sword and Shield - Vs. Marnie Remix
3) Dusttale - Rampage [Original Mix]
4) DELTARUNE - Rude Buster Remix 2
5) Pokemon BW - Legendary Battle Remix [Kamex]

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